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Polkas by Erickson

Although Brian Erickson is known worldwide as “Mr. Jazz Concertina,” he did (as has been the case with many squeezebox players) start out playing mainly polkas and in fact, has been playing polka gigs for over 30 years.

“Polkas by Erickson” is a collection of the many polkas Brian has recorded in the past 20 years.

Some of the polkas on this album reveal Brian’s jazz influence… but all of the polkas on this album demonstrate Brian’s own unique and superb polka style!

Track Listing:
1. The Wine Jug Polka
2. Woodpecker Song
3. Try Again Polka
4. Sharpshooter’s March
5. Clarinet Polka
6. Low Down Polka
7. Emilia Polka
8. Champagne Polka
9. Laughing Polka
10. Happy Wanderer
11. La Paloma Blanca
12. Dopey
13. Continental Polka
14. Tick Tock Polka
15. Hundred Devils Polka
16. Squeeze Box Polka
17. Helena Polka
18. Laus Buben Polka
19. Maria Polka
20. Showtime Polka
21. Barbara Polka
22. Babette Polka

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